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Kokin is a slow fashion label owned and operated by me, Makiko. You can call me Maki :) My mission is to share the beauty and preciousness of Kimono all around the world. All the garments are sourced sustainably in order to make the process as earth friendly as possible. Come join my ethical, sustainable journey!

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Recent Custom Orders

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order your own dress / jacket

How to Book Custom Made-To-Orders

1. Choose a kimono

Select your favourite kimono from the list (Made-To-Order Available Kimonos).

2. Choose a style

Select a style you'd like to order.

1. Jinbei Dress Short ~ Medium ($252)

2. Jinbei Dress Long ($298)

3. Custom Kimono Jacket with closure ($235), without ($224)

4. Joanne Cardigan ($298)

*Kimono Dress Mini is currently unavailable.

3. email or DM me on Instagram

Please let me know which kimono and style you've selected via email ( or DM on Instagram ( We're going to discuss details and sizing.

4. Payment

Once we decide on the design and sizing of your items, we can move on to payment to place the order.

*You'll be asked to send your body measurements.

5. Your order is booked!

Once you have completed the payment, the making of your items will be scheduled. I will let you know when your orders are in the making, and you can see Behind-The-Scenes on Instagram ;) The process can take up to 20 business days.

Available Kimonos for Made-To-Orders

  • Custom Cropped Jacket & Kinchaku Tote Bag

    The jacket I bought looks amazing. The fabric, the colour...everything looks exactly I imagined. With the additional matching Kinchaku Tote Bag, which is big enough to fit everything I need, nothing is missing for a perfect day. 

    I feel really special wearing such a beautiful piece. Already looking forward to the next kimono screaming my name.


  • Jinbei Dress, Joanne Cardigan & Scrunchies

    So much good words and I'd like to start with how grateful I am to have found this shop because it's not only caring for kimono lovers, it's also for loving the environment with one of kind pre-loved kimonos and compostable packaging.

    As a plus size gal, I had so much questions in mind when it comes to sizing and Maki was so patient and understanding with the process.

    The pieces I got are flawless, gorgeous, and it turned out just I had imagined. Her works gave me 100% confidence when wearing them and that is important coming from someone with 0 confidence daily-

  • -If only I could grab all the pieces she has in her shop, but I did purchase three items already and I did not regret one bit. I highly recommend - giving 100/10 from start to finish and I can see a bright future for the shop.

    I'm very thankful to Maki and the help she provided me throughout the customization process and of course, I would definitely keep the pieces with me forever ♾.


  • Scrunchies

    Bought two scrunchies and omg they're s00o cute!! The fabrics are so nice and I love how they're from reworked kimonos. Will def buy from makico again. Oh tho for one of the scrunchies its rubber band seems looser than the other that I bought and freebie...doesn't feel like it's meant to be so I was slightly disappointed by that but still happy with my purchase :)


  • Scrunchies

    I ordered 2 scrunchies and they are simply beautiful and perfectly made. I also love that there are different sizes.

    Since I live in Germany I expected that I would have to wait for a long time but I received my package within a week. Can't wait to order more ☺️❤️


  • Kimono Dress Mini

    I don't remember how I stumbled upon this lovely store, but I remember falling in love with the concept. I've never seen a unique store like Makico.! They transform beautiful vintage kimonos into a refreshing modern piece with so much love.  

    There's so many designs and patterns to choose from, but after I chose mine, Maki carefully explained which model could be made from it.-

  • -The arrival of my package took a little while due to the difficulties of covid, but it was all worth it! When I opened the bag, it seemed it could also be used for composting!

    Besides that, my order was neatly packed in a garment bag that was made from vintage fabrics.

    The kimono she made for me is beautiful! The quality of the fabric and sewing is proof enough that it will last and that I'll be able to wear this plenty of times.-

  • -The kimono is perfect for winter with some layering, but also for summer because of the airy feeling.

    As an addition, Maki also throws in a matching scrunchie with most orders.

    I think Maki co. is one of the -if not the most- sustainable and eco-friendly store I've ever shopped at!


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